Cellular, Molecular, and Circuit Auditory Neuroscience

Drs. CunninghamSeal, Aizenman, and Tzounopoulos study cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying normal and pathological auditory processing in central and peripheral auditory circuits.

Systems and Computational Auditory Neuroscience

Drs. Doiron and Tzounopoulos and study system mechanisms underlying auditory cortical processing, using experimental (Tzounopoulos) and theoretical neuroscience approaches (Doiron).

Drug Discovery and Development

Drs. Wipf and Tzounopoulos are working on the discovery and development of potassium channel openers and H-channel blockers for treating tinnitus

Human-Related Tinnitus Research

Drs. Palmer, Hobson, Brown and Zitelli are working on the audiology and psychophysics in humans with tinnitus; Dr. Salisbury is performing EEG studies in humans with tinnitus; Dr. Ghuman is performing MEG in humans with tinnitus; and Dr. Tzounopoulos complements these studies with mechanistic studies in an animal model of tinnitus. The goal is to develop objective tinnitus metrics to replace the empirical classification of tinnitus with a nosology from precision medicine that differentiates underlying causes in terms of systems properties of peripheral and central auditory networks.

Auditory Deficits in Schizophrenia

Drs. Sweet and Salisbury are performing anatomical and biochemical studies in postmortem tissue from individuals with schizophrenia. Moreover, they are employing neurophysiological techniques in humans with schizophrenia. The goal is to understand the mechanisms underlying the reduced auditory cortex gray matter volume, auditory hallucinations, impaired auditory sensory processing, and altered auditory event related potentials associated with this disorder.

Eye and Auditory Nerve Regeneration

The Center for Neurosensory Research, including Drs. Sahel, Johnson, Gross and Tzounopoulos is focused on understanding the fundamental processes underlying normal and pathological vision and hearing. Research within the Center is based on the recognition that sensory systems use similar biological processes for signaling, adaptation and modulation, and for protection from injury, environmental insult, degeneration and aging. Current studies are focusing on hearing and vision restoration, including hair cell and auditory nerve regeneration or prevention of degeneration.

Age-related hearing loss and dementia

Drs. Palmer, Thathiah and Tzounopoulos are studying the relationship between hearing loss and health outcomes including cognition.